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Open Letter To Fight Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan Reforms - Signed by 25 NGOs

Dear Local, State and Federal MP, The Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan (CPCP) covers 200,000ha framing the entire western edge of Sydney.  It could curb Sydney’s urban sprawl; protect endangered ecosystems; and help tackle killer urban heat for existing and new residents – while supplying new housing. Twenty-five national, state, and local environment groups are urging that the Plan be amended to put conservation of threatened plant and animal species securely in place before new development. You can find the statement here.  

Green EV Guide shows how to choose the most sustainable car

All cars have environmental impacts. Electric cars are certainly better for the planet than fossil burners. But some electric cars are better than others. That’s why Total Environment Centre has now created the Green Electric Car Guide.

Key Koala Refuge and Corridor to be Cleared

Koala habitat designated as of regional koala significance (ARKS) on the mid-north coast with the local koala population listed as a priority population for investment by the NSW Koala Strategy – is to be bulldozed under weak NSW land clearing laws

Status Report: Australia’s Bottle and Can Refund Schemes

We are releasing the first review of all of Australia’s drink bottle and can 10c refund laws which assesses the performance of each state and territory and examines future challenges.  Read the full report here.  Once opposed by the beverage industry, the Container Refund Schemes (CRS) are now broadly supported and have a crucial role to play in developing Australia’s circular economy as they deliver billions of drink containers for recycling each year.  Nevertheless, all can do with some improvements. Jeff Angel, Director of Total Environment Centre, states that we should be aiming for 90+% return rates, well above the current national return rate of 65%.

Fate of Key Koala Corridor at Stake

New development in and around the Warragamba township is threatening an important Koala colony, as it fragments and degrades their habitat.  Local community concern is growing, and Total Environment Centre is calling for a halt to current and future planned clearing, so that protection of this endangered species can be put in place.

NSW State Election 2023: Environmental Policy Scorecard

We have been advocating for a suite of policies to protect the environment, to the main parties and key independent candidates in the NSW State Election on 25 March 2023

NSW State Election: Koalas’ future at stake

With a large majority of voters supporting protection of Koala habitat and removing development threats, multiple parties and independents have endorsed crucial policies to ensure our iconic species does not go extinct.


As part of our advocacy for Sydney Basin Koalas, our urban Green Spaces, and the fight against climate change - we have discussed these vital issues in all our meetings with NSW State Election Candidates, including key independent Alex Greenwich, (Sydney).  


This weekend's ALP’s policy to fast track the Georges River Koala National Park fixes a fundamental flaw in the government’s plan for western Sydney bushland. According to Jeff Angel, our Executive Director, "The NSW government’s Cumberland Plain Plan exposed critical Koala woodland and forest to the threat of clearing for the next several decades." A wide range of environment and community groups have called for environment protection first, and later consideration of development. He states that "If you leave bushland in the twilight zone, inevitably developers will lobby to fast track its destruction for private gain.’’


Voters living in the region from the Shoalhaven to Western Sydney to the Hunter and Port Stephens should know what the political parties and independent candidates are going to do, to save our neighbouring Koala colonies from extinction after decades of legislative failure.


The first shot in the Koala election policy contest by the ALP is a welcome and major step. Jeff Angel, Total Environment Centre's Executive Director says, "We next look forward to hearing what the government will say because under current development policy and legal settings, Koalas are heading for extinction.  Along with the Great Koala National Park in the north of the state, we also need a Sydney Koala Greenbelt."

Coastal Development Crisis – government should step in

Revelations that a wave of development along the coast threatens rare plant and animal species and will place residents in danger from fire and flood, are so alarming that the Perrottet government should call a moratorium on key sites.  The successful campaign of Save Scotts Head

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