Together we are conserving our ecosystems, maintaining clean water, fighting pollution, and protecting our biodiversity- for a brighter greener future.

Established by trailblazers of the Australian environment movement in 1972, Total Environment Centre has worked with Australian communities on more than 100 victorious campaigns - defending parks and bushland in rural and urban areas, driving debate, advocating for pure air and water, supporting positive change in business and industry, and encouraging better environmental policy. 

Our key achievements from over 100 wins include:



the battle for a container deposit scheme
10,000 km2

10,000 km2

of pristine forest saved from destruction
New Laws

New Laws

supporting energy efficiency and combating climate change


dozens of urban green spaces

Battery Recycling and Reuse Crisis

The Total Environment Centre highlights significant issues with the current voluntary product stewardship schemes for battery recycling in Australia, noting their limited scope, poor performance, and lack of transparency. With the rapidly growing market for lithium batteries and the environmental and health risks posed by improper disposal, there's an urgent need for regulatory intervention. Their proposed plan calls for a comprehensive, mandatory Product Stewardship Scheme to ensure the safe collection, recycling, and re-use of all battery types, aiming to address the critical environmental risks of battery disposal effectively.

Blue-Green Grid

Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan

Take action by calling on the NSW government to implement reforms that would put conservation of the many threatened plant and animal species and new parks securely in place before new development.

2023 Sydney Basin Koala Campaign

With an over 20% decline of koala population in the Sydney bioregion in the last 20 years, our 5-point Sydney Basin Koala policy outlines the steps needed to halt their trajectory from endangered to extinct. The Sydney Basin Koala Policy is based on the best science and is intended to close the litany of loopholes in the law governing development, that is pushing the Koala towards extinction.


Total Environment Centre takes action to conserve our ecosystems, protect our biodiversity and fight pollution - for a brighter greener future.


Adani coal mine 2 wipe out @TurnbullMalcolm Direct Action gains within 12 months.

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Sydney Basin Koala Network

We have established the Sydney Basin Koala Network stretching from Newcastle, the Hunter, Blue Mountains down to Nowra to advocate for protection by mobilising the community, science and legal resources.

Save Sydney's Koalas

Protecting the thriving colony of koalas in Sydney's South West!


It’s hard to solve a problem you can’t see. So we’re putting microplastic pollution on the map!

Green Energy

With the best renewable energy resources in the world, Australia should be a global leader in the fight against global heating. Instead we are helping to trigger a climate catastrophe. But the market is overtaking the fossils. TEC has worked for years to encourage the growth of a solar and wind friendly energy supply system.

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