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Forest In Danger

A developer wants to bulldoze over 28 hectares of Blue Gum and Ironbark forest in West Pennant Hills to build hundreds of new apartments and houses. Local residents have decided to fight!

Having Fun

It's not all pushing pollies and endangered species up hill! Working in the the environment offers the full range of intellectual entertainments - even fashionable moments like this...


The super cute Pygmy Possum is not the only native species spending a terrifying night in the rubble of its former home tonight - communities of four threatened species have met their demise this week at the hands of Berejiklian's bulldozers as they tear into precious bushland at Manly Vale Dam - is there nothing local bush lovers who have nurtured the bush for decades can do?

Sign Up To Save Sydney's Koalas

TEC will not stand by as Koala Mums and Cubs, currently flourishing in Sydney bushland, are mowed down by massive road proposals and urban development! Sign Up Today if you want to help Save Sydney's Koalas.

Clean Energy Surging

Wind and solar have ushered in "a construction-jobs-and-investment boom”, says a new report. What could possibly stall such ground-breaking progress?  


Ignoring the widespread concern of a range of stakeholders, the Berejiklian Government will introduce its disastrous tree clearing laws tomorrow, even before essential components, such as regulatory mapping, have been completed.

Hands Off Hurlstone - Stop The Sell-Off

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Minister for Education Rob Stokes plan to sell-off the Hurlstone Farm at Glenfield to developers and turn our green hills into thousands of homes.

Call Gladys today! 02 85745000

We have three days! Tree clearing in NSW is going to get more complicated, more destructive and impossible to reverse - yet the NSW Government is hellbent on introducing detrimental new laws this Friday 25th August.

Save Sydneys Koalas

Campbelltown koala lovers have been tracking the local koala community for over 30 years, determined to save the last healthy koala population in NSW. 

We Must Protect Sydney's Lungs

Sydney-siders traditionally protest loudly whenever their public green space is sold-off or alienated for development. Now a powerful network of community, planning and health organisations has called on the Premier of NSW to protect the lungs of our iconic city, led by Total Environment Centre.

Solar Batteries Boom

Wondering whether solar energy will work for your family or small business? One day soon you could be running an energy station from your home! TEC has prepared a guide on battery storage to help you navigate the high noon ahead.  We are also working to make sure the National Electricity Market won't stand in the way of battery storage.

Al Gore Delivers Hope

He may be Inconvenient, but perhaps the former US Vice President Al Gore could deliver a welcome pep talk to Malcom Turnbull before he heads home? In Australia to promote optimism as much as his new film, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, Mr Gore says the solar energy revolution is already changing the world for the better.

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