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Tassie's Ten Cent Refund

TEC battled the big beverage corporations for over 15 years to get ten cent refunds introduced to NSW for discarded bottles and cans. Now Tasmania is coming on board!

Fight For Public Space

What will life in cities like Sydney be like if the sky is crowded with buildings rather than open sky and trees? TEC Director Jeff Angel calls for a major legislative revamp to protect the public's right to breathing space.

Please Don't Plasticise Penshurst Park

Plastic grass is being spruiked to councils all across Sydney, and enthusiastically embraced, with little thought for the health and safety hazards. The people who live in Penshurst don't want their naturally lovely and spacious park covered with plastic. Council is doing it anyway.

Councils Called To Account

Our councils work hard for us, but many Sydneysiders are questioning development proposals rushed through by councils with more focus on cash for trees than liveable spaces for people. Here’s a prime example.  

Sydney's "Panic" Development

Koalas will pay the price as taxpayers front $9 million dollars towards “panic development” designed to create new suburbs crammed with up to 40,000 new homes, across one of the Sydney’s last remaining heritage landscapes. 

Cash For Trees Robs Us All

Itching to do something about the land grab stripping NSW bare? Here we give you all the tips for letting the government know you want them to stop this improvident tree clearing! 

Cookie Cutter Killing Suburban Treescapes

Sydney's tree-lined suburbs are already being replaced by cookie cutter streetscapes - the removal of a cluster of casurinas in Avalon for a bed of small plants offering no shade for humans or birdlife is just one example. 

Byles Creek Owl Family

Family of owls faces eviction - these powerful owls live in Byles Creek Valley where residents are fighting to save them. Call Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton today to let her know you care. #SOSgreenspaces

Autumn Newsletter Editorial

Our Autumn Newsletter came out this week. The winter edition will be available online, with hard copy sent to our supporters. Here's TEC Director Jeff Angel's Autumn editorial about the quality of life we cherish in our city - is enough being done to protect it or are we losing the very natural assets that make Sydney such a beautiful place to live, work and bring up a family?

Aussie Wildlife Crisis

Our native wildlife are about to become refugees in their own country as new land clearing laws unleash a wave of tree chopping across NSW. The homes of millions of endangered animals will be razed. But we have six weeks to Say No! #standup4nature

Green Spaces Champion

MP Jo Haylen stood up in Parliament last week to decry the lack of green space in her Summer Hill electorate - "no parks, no places to play!" She commended TEC's SOS Green Spaces map - so today we dropped in to discuss it with her. #nswpol#sosgreenspaces


We get around! This week it was Parliament House with Greens MPs keen to discuss our SOS Green Spaces campaign. This cortisol driven city needs every green breathing space it already has and will need many more in the future. 

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